India vs. Pakistan Match – Mix of Sports and Politics

India vs. Pakistan a big war in sports

India and Pakistan are two countries with a deep dark background. They never get along well with each other. They are always blaming one another for the incidents occurring in both countries. That is the reason why cricket match between these two countries feels like a war. They have so much aggression and energy in the field that the audience loves. They put all their efforts to win the match. They push their limits to beat the other team and mock the country afterward.

Big event big demand

Ticket demand for this match is high as all the ticket is sold in the first 48 hours of opening. So one thing is clear from this that match is going to be house full. The sales and business development officer at Lancashire said that the demand was huge and they have 200 packages left if someone wants to make it to the match. The match is going to be amazing as he said the last year match between India and England in the same stadium. He said most of the crowd in India vs. England T20 was Indian. The Indian army was very loud, and the crowd was cheering for its team. This match is going to be louder than the previous one.

Both teams are ready to destroy the rival

The teams are practicing for this big match because this match decides the future of many players. Both countries want to win this match more than the world cup. The players who perform in a match against India or Pakistan are rewarded generously. And they have a good career in cricket in the future even if they play poorly in the whole world cup. This match is essential for both countries and also to cricket lovers. Because cricket is at it’s best when these two teams are against each other. You must not miss the thrill; if you want to watch this match live, then you have to pay a lot of money now. Because the ticket is sold and only 200 package tickets are available.

A big night before a big day

According to IANS Indian army has organized a concert in the city before the big match. The famous singer Guru Randhawa will be performing live at the show. India, as have won last six games against Pakistan according to IANS India, has upper hand in the match. But the match between these two teams is unpredictable. Matches between India and Pakistan mostly go to the last over and last ball. There are many last ball turning points in the history of Pak vs. India matches. That is why predictions are not going to help in this match. You have to watch it to get the buzz of the thrill. India vs. Pakistan match always brings in the thrill, at a point game is on one side and next moment game changes.

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