ICE will begin deporting millions of illegal migrants; Donald Trump

Under the deal reached earlier in this month and Mexico has agreed to take the Central American immigrants are seeking asylum in the United States. They did until their cases heard in U.S. courts. The agreement that which included the Mexico mortgage to deploy National Guard troops to stop Central American immigrants from reaching to the US.  The border averted a Trump threat to hit Mexican imports with taxes.

Trump was administration separate the children from parents at the southern border last summer. A move is that prompted mass outrage and criticism that the U.S. is abandoning its humanitarian role and harming children. Migration experts say the separations, which are halted last June and did little to stop migrant crossings and may have prompted more people to come.

Trump posted the tweet on that it announced his administration is easing previously. He announced cuts in hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to the Central American nations of El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. Likewise, while they will not allow new funding until those countries do more to reduce migrant flows to the United States.

The state department said after a review of more than $615million in assistance that President Trump ordered in March to cut entirely. It would go ahead with $432million in projects and grants that previously approved. The said the remaining amount would hold in escrow pending consultations with Congress.

Guatemala get ready to sign Safe-Third Agreement

Trump also said in the tweet that Guatemala gets prepared to sign a Safe-Third agreement. A safe-third deal is an agreement in that a country sacrifices to resettling refugees. When they first the set foot on their soil. This designed to prevent immigrants from settling in their preferred final destination. The U.S. has only one safe-third agreement and which is with Canada. That agreement signed in 2004.

Vice President, the Mike Pence suggested in the last week from its neighbors. He indicated that Guatemala could receive asylum seekers from its neighbors’ such as a so-called safe third country. Furthermore, the details of the plan are not made public. Guatemala has not publicly confirmed the talks which U.S. state department said are taking place in Guatemala on Friday.

The rights of U.S. are group human rights first said. However, it is simply ludicrous for the United States to declare that Guatemala is capable of protecting refugees if their citizens are fleeing violence. Moreover, Mexico has agreed which if its measures to stem the flow of migrants are unsuccessful. They will discuss signing a safe-third country agreement with the U.S.

The Trump administration also separated children from parents at the southern border last summer and a move which prompted mass outrage. They are criticism which the U.S. is abandoning its humanitarian role and harming children. In the meantime, immigration experts say the separations, and which are halt last June. Did the little to stop migrant crossings and in fact, may prompt more people to come.

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