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How to Grow a Beard? 100% Actionable Steps You Should Do

You are sick and tired of every single thing you search telling you how to grow a beard instantly. I’ll let you know about actionable steps that you can do right now that works. It’s super simple; everyone can do them. Also, it will appear like you have a thick beard almost instantly. Here’s the catch even if you can’t grow one; that sounds interesting.

Number #1

You might now like this, but I’m going to show you all the options that work. It’s called Beijing – pretty much like a hair dye. Think of it as a sharpie but if you find a good barbershop that applies it to you and know how to works it. It is a very resourceful tool that you can use to make your beard look thicker. So, even if you have a very light beard, with some Beijing & somebody that knows what they’re doing. It can look very realistic and since its semi-permanent. You can even wash, and it’s not going to smear off like makeup. However, the good is that it looks real, even from up close.

Number #2

If you don’t want to put sharpie on your face, you can use minoxidil. It is only one of two FDA-approved medical treatments that are scientifically proven to grow hair. Now, home and oxide works are pretty much the same ingredients or the active ingredient that you see Rogaine. It was intended to do was to regrow your hair, especially on your head. So, this isn’t recommended. This isn’t intended to use. But I do recommend you do your research about what other people have done. The only thing is I would look into it look at the side effects the benefits and pros but minoxidil. It’s a proven solution to make facial hair grow like this.

Number #3

Whatever facial hair you have, you need to take care of it. It’ll make just like the hair on your head if you don’t condition and Shampoo it. Apply oils, hair masks, and use healthy products in it. Over time hair on your head will start becoming brittle and weak and super thin.  Well, the same thing happens on your beard. However, when you take care of it, your hair will start becoming healthy and thicker. So, if you are serious about actually growing your hair, make sure you start using some Beard oil.

Number #4

Hair Fiber is another solution just like minoxidil that was initially made to solve male pattern baldness. The hair fiber is made from a natural ingredient; most of the time is something like cotton. It looks very similar to hair. Most of the time, it comes in a talcum powder style bottle. So, it’s very easy to apply and manage and put it into the areas that you think a little bit thick once you use. Also, most of these hair fibers come with a sort of sealant that you can put on top that makes it a semi-permanent solution to ensure that you look as thinks as possible.

Number #5

Take Biotin Vitamin – a water-soluble vitamin from the vitamin B family. It is also known as vitamin H. Now, your body means vitamin H to turn specific nutrient into energy. But Vitamin H also plays a vital part in the health of your skin of hair and your nail. However, you can find various biotin vitamin supplements. Also, you can do it the natural way and consume this biotin from the food you eat like organ meat. Liver, Kidneys, egg yolk, nuts, or whole grain are all nutritious and vitamin H supplements.

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