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How do I Recover Data from Dead Hard Drive?

The next moment you also start realizing that all of your essential data and files as audios, videos, pictures, and documents which are the end or at high stakes.  Moreover, when you want to know that you can recover data from a dead hard drive or not. In the meantime, then i got its answer for you. Further, I also suggest you take a deep breath and try to remain positive even in this adverse situation. Furthermore, Grab a glass of water and start reading.

Whenever you also try to start your system again, then its booting process doesn’t finish, and you hear the sound like “biz-biz.” So, when you’re hard drive does not respond also, and your computer is not booted. Moreover, it merely implies that your hard drive damaged. The reason is anything from a power surge to controller chip failure to accidental fire or water drop.

When you can also opt for two options; one is to use a bootable CD or DVD of data recovery software, and second is to go for a hard drive recovery services.  Further, you can find a free and paid version of such software online.

Method No.1: To Recovering files through the software

Step no.1: Once you also have the software, and to the next thing is to do is to run it on your computer.

Step no.2: When the software launch on your computer. You need to select a drive from where you want to start the recovery process on your hard disk. The good thing about this software is that it would help you to get back your lost and deleted disk files such as well.

Step no.3: As soon as the scan is also complete, then you will see a pop-up window which brings you the details of all the files on your drive. Moreover, you can see both existing and hidden file details in this list.

Step no.4: You can also double-click on each file, and to get its preview.

Step no.5: The next thing is also to select all those files that you want to recover by checking the boxes-next to file name.

Step no.5: Now you can also copy these files into another drive and save them. Moreover, I suggest you copy them on an external storage device in the meantime. It is possible that some other portion of your hard disk is damaged

Method No.2: To Getting help from Experts

Whereas, when you have some any confidential files, and you don’t want to take any risk.

Moreover, then, the best option is to give your hard disk in the hands of the experts.

Further, you can attain your hard drive recovery services and enjoy some peace of mind.  All as you also need to do is to contact an agency that offers this kind of services.

Furthermore, you can enjoy free consultation to know which your dead drive data is recoverable or not. In the meantime, information is retrievable, and you need to pay a fee and to get back your data. Whenever, if your data is lost, you have not to pay them anything.

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