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HIV in Pakistan, No connection between Vaccination efforts and Spread

Also, the MMIDSP President, Pro. Bushra Jamil and the Infectious Diseases or a College of Surgeons of Pakistan (CPSP), Dean is talking to APP. In the meantime, they took hard exception to a recently published a report for any possible co-relation between ongoing immunization project in the country. Moreover, the immunization programs that recent outbreak of HIV into children in Ratodero, Larkana.

Also, the senior researcher highlight that the current immunization programs proposal to safe oral. In the meantime, to secure and injection like vaccines are against the ten infections, including polio. Moreover, if, when not to the kids hold destructive consequences for them.

Therefore, Prof. Jamil, Chief Internal Medicine, the Endocrinology, and the infection Disease Service Line, AKUH, they all talk about it. In the meantime, they are all sai; it is extremely most important to protect that every qualified child benefits from defense are to provide the vaccines. Also, the senior researcher said, the Vaccination is one of the most successful strategies that results are in control of such as infections in the world.

Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) including about Polio and Measles

The senior researcher also appreciates the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) of Pakistan by including the additional Immunization Activities (SIAs) of Polio and Measles vaccines points to duplicate this success.

Moreover, the President of MMIDSP said, overarching the objectives is to secure our children from the condition. In the meantime, the President of MMIDSP also added, to ensure our children from disease and death but to make sure that Pakistan does not force into international isolation.

Also, her confidence in the quality procedures of accordance with World Health Organization standards in vaccine storage, transportation, and administration are maintained. But to a query, she expressed her confidence.

She already said that there is no connection to adverse events or spread of infections like hepatitis or HIV. Moreover, she mentions that vaccination has resulted in the control of the Hepatitis B of range in Pakistan.

Prof. Bushra Jamil added, it’s all-important to through the EPI and the SIAs, sufficient protection is established to prevent the outbreaks. Furthermore, to avoid the outbreaks of these infections into people concern to various age groups, particularly children.

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