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Hermit Crabs Dying Due To Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution is increasing a lot around the world. Along with other problems suffered by the world because of plastic pollution, now the crabs are facing them as well.

A lot of crabs are dying because of plastic pollution. According to an estimate, more than 570,000 crabs are now dead after being trapped in chemical wastes.

Studies have found that people throw piles of plastic on beaches and in the sea. It is one of the leading cause of increasing pollution. Ultimately, it creates physical barriers for the crabs.

Two remote tropical islands were studied. The strawberry hermit crab populations were observed in this study. It found that the population of crabs is mostly decreasing.

Now more research is required to find out whether other wildlife is being affected due to plastic pollution or not.

The co-author at the department of life sciences in the Natural History Museum in London, Alex Bond, shared his views. He said that this increase in plastic pollution in beaches and other terrestrial ecosystems is under-acknowledged.

In the ocean, the plastic might be ingested by the wildlife. However, on land, it creates barriers and traps for other species.

The plastic containers are thrown on the beaches and land by people. Crabs try to go inside these containers. But once they go in, it is difficult for them to get out of it due to its upward angle. Ultimately, they stay inside and die as they cannot crawl out.

Researchers say that hermit crabs play an essential role in the ecosystem. But are now dying because of such human activities increasing plastic pollution.


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