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Gwadar Port Opens For Transit Trade

Today was an important day in the history of shipping in Pakistan. Pakistan has opened the Gwadar port for transit trade

The officials of ministry of maritime affairs told the subcommittee that Afghan Trade Transit required some changes in the module. Hence the ministry had applied the changes.

According to the ministry, the module after initial testing was then ready for application.

Hence, the first shipment is all set to arrive next week, which will gradually increase.

Ministry officials addressed the concerns of the standing committee:

The chairman of the committee also pointed out some Lacunas in planning and developments of the area. But the ministry officials addressed the concerns of the subcommittee in a very positive manner.

The officials acknowledged that Gwadar port’s main competitors would be Singapore and Dubai.

But hopefully, the policy of no cargo charges and three months storage facility would certainly divert business to Gwadar.

Concerns on storage facilities:

The subcommittee discussed the issues of storage facilities for fish processing within or outside the port.

The officials assured the committee that the additional taxes would not be imposed on Chinese companies to establishing such services in this regard.

Concerns on legal framework:

The subcommittee also discussed the legal framework and rules and regulations related to fish dumping and reprocessing facilities at Gwadar port.

The officials told the committee that major firms would be asked to employ local population for jobs at such facilities.

Connectivity concerns:

The committee also probed the issue of internet connectivity and quotation of RS 14 million issued by PTCL regarding connectivity.

The officials informed the committee that PTCL had agreed for the said setup. PTCL and China Overseas Ports holding company handled the matter.

The opening of Gwadar port shows a silver lining for Pakistan maritime. It will open new and multi-dimensional gateways for the imports and exports of Pakistan.




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