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Get Rid of Distractions That Reduce Your Productivity 

There is a thing present in your surroundings that is reducing your productivity levels, but you can neither see it nor hear it. Distractions are stealing your attention and focus not allowing you to do your work and be productive in your life activities. To be more productive in life, you have to get rid of distractions; otherwise, you will not be able to become productive.

You may not know what these distractions are, so let’s have a look at some of them.


Yes, the one in your hand from the start of your day till the ends. You may call it the biggest distraction around you that you take everywhere with you, yourself.

Whether you are studying or working on a project, your phone blinks and you can’t resist yourself from checking it out. This not only distracts you but reduces your time as well.


Some situations in your life make you anxious as well as makes you emotionally unwell, and you feel down. Due to this, you are not able to do your task with focus. One of the side effects of anxiety is that it reduces your concentration that will ultimately reduce your productivity.

Your workplace:

Employees can work in a better and comfortable way when no distractions are surrounding them. When you are working in a workplace that has a lot of interruptions. Also, when relations with partner employees are not good has a massive impact on the employee.


So if you are working in a toxic workplace, this is going to affect your productivity levels.


Leaving your task each day for the next day makes you lazy, and you begin to think that you have got a lot of time to do it. It reduces your focus and attention on the task.

People who procrastinate are never as successful as they never do their work on time. They usually complete it when the deadline arrives. It is not that effective as it could be if you work without procrastination.


People call themselves quite busier and productive when they are engaging themselves in doing multiple tasks, but the truth is that it will only make you more hectic and tired, not productive.

The human mind can focus on one thing at a time correctly. Engaging it in various activities at a time serves no use.


Although it is quite challenging to get rid of your distractions, there are specific methods you can use to get rid of them.

  • Use your headphones. Place them on your ears but don’t play anything. This will reduce the noise, if any, in your surroundings.
  • Put your cell phone on silent and keep it away. If you are a person, who cannot resist from checking the call every time it blinks, keep it away from you while working.
  • Provide yourself with incentives. Give yourself a specific time to complete the task, and when you complete it rewards yourself with some break or rest. It helps.
  • Before starting your work, meditate. Make your mindset to do the job with full focus and motivation.
  • Clear your walls and your desk. Keep it in mind that there should be all the necessary things on your table before starting your task.
  • Turn off your clock and stop worrying about time. Try to give full attention to the task and don’t worry about the time limit as it is also a distraction while you work.
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