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Gaming disorder and gaming addiction are officially a disease now

Well, the world of technology has changed many things. And one of them is how we enjoy our day our entertainment methods and our liking and disliking. In an old time when people played outdoor games and children played outdoor games, they were healthy.

In this age of technology, everyone is reserved for himself. Nobody wants to hang out outdoor. They are all connected on social media and what they play is online games. Online gaming is the biggest problem of all.

Online gaming made it worse

First, when games were invented, it was to refresh your mind will at work sitting at the table. But now, gaming has taken another deadly shape. Games that are played online with multiplayer are the biggest reasons for gaming disorder. Let’s define gaming disorder first, than we go further. Gaming disorder is nothing different from this social media disorders. The game disorder is when people start leaving their important works for gaming.


They are so occupied with gaming that they do not care what is going around them and what is happening. In multiplayer online games, friends play together in one game. That is a new way of hanging out, and it is creating physical weakness in kids these days. They do not get involved in many physical activities.

There aren’t many studies about this disorder

Researchers are searching for answers about this disorder. This modern problem needs a more modern solution. This behaviour is different than other social media disorders; that is why it is difficult to understand it.

But parents are warned to watch their kids, and the time they spend in gaming. If they react aggressively, when you ask them to do any work while they are playing. This might be a sign for you to be more alert and take steps to take your kid out of this miserable disease.  Precaution is better than treatment.

What is the solution to this disorder?

Like any mental disorder, it needs the necessary attention of the family. When you see a person is too much into the gaming, try to take him outside with you and chill out. Do not force him to quit gaming, if you do so, you can make him aggressive. You must keep calm and try to make him busy in other works subconsciously.

Gaming disorder is not a big problem, but it can be big if it didn’t treat at a time. We have seen many reports online, and research also shows that online battle games like PUBG make kids angry. They are promoting aggression in the kids, and they are learning the bad lesson of killing others to survive.  Many countries, including some states in India, have banned games such as this, and many will do after the researches go public.

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