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Game of thrones season 8 Reviews and highlights of major events

Winter is coming

Game of thrones is one of the most followed and most liked season ever. HBO is on peek when this show is on. People around the world like this season that’s why it has so much fan following. Besides its popularity its storyline and cast is very good and attractive. There is fuzz in whole season that winter is coming and so are white walkers. The dead people are led by night king. And a dragon was also with his army that queen Daenerys lost in previous season saving John snow from night king. Night king killed many people at winter fell and then raise them again to join his army.

Totally unpredictable story

Thrill factor is always there in this season. For season 1 to 8 you will see you’re most favorite and popular main characters die and put your hands on head and say why. Why Jorge did this? George RR martin is writer of game of thrones if you are not familiar with that. This might be the reason behind all the success of game of thrones. That it is totally unpredictable, you can never say this Character will be alive till the end.

Winter came in season 8 and brought white walkers

In season 8 finally white walkers arrive at the gates of winter fell and john snow has gathered many allies to fight along him. It was a difficult job for him to convince other people that white walkers exist. That’s why he has to capture one, and take it to the kings landing. Queen cerise played a trick and fooled them. She didn’t come to winter fell. Battle begins with dothraki dyeing and joining the night king and that was a twist there. Arya stark who has been trained to be an assassin kills the night king risking her on life. Many people died in the battle and then they left for cerise to pay for betrayal and for iron throne.

Losing two of dragons and Allies

Queen of john snow and savior of the world, queen daenerys targaryen had 3 dragons and she lost one in previous season to the night king and then one in this season as cerise tricked her and attacked her with ships. Now she is left with one dragon, some soldiers that are still suffering from wounds of previous battle. John snow is son of targaryen that makes him threat to the queen Daenerys but she loves him. And he says i don’t want it and try to convince her that he would never tell anyone. But Sansa broke the trust and told this to right hand of queen Daenerys. That might bring some more twist as they are thinking about joining john snow and leave the queen or kill her.

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