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Fraternities Suspended In San Diego After Death Of 19-Year Old Student

Fourteen fraternities are now led to suspension at San Diego State University. The suspension is followed by the death of a student. He went to one of the fraternity events.

They took nineteen years old student, Dylan Hernandez, to the hospital one day after the event. But he died on the weekend.

According to the authorities of the University, Six Inter-Fraternity Council Groups are led to suspension. Four of them are still under investigation.

An investigation has opened up by the police department after the death of youngsters.

In the memory of Hernandez, an organization raised funds. According to sources, they have raised funds to $25,000 till now.

Hernandez was a quite out-going and goofy person by nature. He was loving and sweet with every person he met. Moreover, he made everyone smile in his room.

After the medical examination of Hernandez, doctors reported that regarding the boy. They told that he was pulse-less. One of his roommates found him in the dorm room on Thursday.

The death of Dylan is on list as Friday. However, according to university authorities, he died on Sunday with his family present by his side.

The results of police investigation say that a fraternity participated in misconduct. The investigation led to uncovering several information about fraternities, as stated by university.

It is not for the first time that death happen due to fraternities in the US. Previously, another youngster died after a fraternity event at Penn State University.

Students who join fraternities have to go through several situations or activities. Such activities can be harmful as well as leading to sexual and physical abuse.

More than seventy deaths can be attributed to hazing and fraternities since 2000.

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