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Four Homeless Men Put To Death; One Injured In New York

On Friday night, four homeless men were battered to death in New York. One of the victim was severely injured while the other four men died.

The injured 49-year old victim was taken to Weil Cornell hospital. He is still in a severe condition, according to officials.

Chief of Manhattan South Detective, Michael Baldassano, spoke at a press conference regarding the incident. He said that the motive behind the incident was nothing more than random attacks. No signs appear to prove that the attack was due to some race, age, or any other issue like that.

Two witnesses told the officers that they saw an unknown male. He was wearing a black jacket with black pants. They said that he also hit the victim several times in his head. He used a metal object that was three feet long. The metal rod was covered in blood.

Investigations started immediately in the area where the incident happened. They found a man with a similar appearance, as told by the witnesses.

He was located at the intersection of Mulberry Street and Canal street, carrying the metal rod as well.

The man found at the intersection was arrested by the police immediately. He is also believed to be like the other five, that is, homeless.

According to another report, he is also found to be involved in fourteen arrests in his past. One of the assault charges was from earlier this year.

The suspect is 24-years old, expected to be charged on Sunday morning in court. His family members told him that he started taking drugs after coming back from the Dominican Republic.

He got thrown out of his home by his mother. The reason told was that he allegedly assaulted his mother, after which he was thrown out.

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