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For Business in 2019, CNBC selects the Top States of America

For the business, to determine the top States of America by use of data analysis and an annual CNBC report in its thirteenth year. Also, CNBC staff is conducted by our exclusive, and that’s why it scores all 50 states onto 64 metrics into the ten categories of competitiveness. In the meantime, it does not an opinion survey such as we calculate actual performance by the states.

The states are graded based on those qualities that they deem most important in attracting business. Also, to do that, and we assign a load to each of our ten classifications by analyzing every economic development marketing materials of the states. The more the states quote a particular class such as a selling point and he more load that type carries.

For example: moreover, when most of the states are talking about their workforce and the Workforce classification, it carries more possible points.

1.     Workforce (450 points)

We also rate the states based on the educational achievement of their workforce. In the meantime, the number of accessible employees and net migration of college-educated workers. Further, we consider each concentration of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) workers of the states and increasingly in requirement by the business. We also calculate the workforce productivity based on each economic output of the country per job.

2.     Economy (375 points)

A stable economy as well for the business field. Also, the result is a diverse economy and with access to the enormous players in a variety of industries. Moreover, we look at economic growth, creation of jobs, and the health of the real estate market. We also calculate each fiscal health of the state by looking at its credit ratings and outlook.

In the meantime, that is possible by its overall budget picture, pension, and retiree health care commitment, just because of their economic impact while well as the ripple effect. We also consider the number of significant corporations headquartered in every state.

3.     Infrastructure (350 points)

Support is about the entrance to markets and people. We also calculate the vitality of every transportation system of the state by the value of well shipped by air, waterways, roads, and rail. Also, we look at the accessibility of air travel in each country because of the quality of the bridges and roads, and the time that it takes to reduce to work. We also calculate the population of the state within a drive of days of each country.

4.     Cost of Doing Business (350 points)

We also look at the competition holders of every tax climate of the state and as well as the state-sponsored motives, can lower the cost of doing business. In the meantime, the utility costs can add up to a massive expense for business, and they vary widely by state. We also consider the loss of wages and as well as the rental prices of office and industrial space.

5.     Quality of Life (325 points)

Also, it is only one way to engage qualified workers are to offer them a whole place to live. Moreover, we score the states on liveability to including several factors and during the crime rate. In the meantime, the crime rates the status of health care, the high of health insurance coverage, and the all health of the population. We can also calculate the inclusiveness by looking at state-wide anti-discrimination protections.

6.     Education (175 points)

We also know that Education and business go hand in hand. In the meantime, it does not only do companies want to sketch from an educated pool of workers. Moreover, that’s why they also want to offer their employees a great place to raise a family. Also, the higher education organizations are provided for companies a source to enlist new talent and as well as a colleague in research and development.

7.    Technology & Innovation (175 points)

It’s truly competition states prize change, foster new ideas, and have the infrastructure to support them. We can also calculate the states that based on results and it including the number of patents is an issue, as well as health the science and agriculture research is permitted.

8.     Business Friendliness (175 points)

We can also measure the legal and regulatory climates of every state, as well as overall economic freedom for their businesses and individuals.

9. Access to Capital (75 points)

All the Companies go there, where the money is. In the meantime, that’s why the capital flows to some states of others. We also look at enterprise capital investments of the country. Moreover, the country as well as traditional bank finance for small and average sized businesses.

10. Cost of Living (50 points)

The cost of doing business help drive the cost of living. In the meantime, from housing to food and energy, that salary goes further if the cost of living is lowest. We can also calculate the states based on an index of the expenses for the essential items.

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