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Fifa Assures Iranian Women Entry In The Stadiums After Blue Girl’s Death

Football’s governing body, Fifa has announced that women in Iran will be able to attend football matches. They will have permission with world cup qualifier starting from next month.

The president of Fifa, Giani Infantino, told that they discussed the issue of death of an Iranian girl. She is now famous as Blue Girl and was a football fan. The girl died in the recent month after putting herself on fire. Due to the reason that she was afraid to be put in jail for entering the stadium to watch her favorite team.

Death of blue girl led to grief not only in Iran but also outside the country.

Infantino said that he assures Iranian women will get permission to enter in stadiums from now on.

Iranian women were banned from the stadiums since 1979 just after the Islamic revolution. Because of it they were not allowed to go to any stadium where men are playing.

President Giani Infantino spoke in Sunday’s football conference. He told that women’s entry into stadiums is crucial. It is something that never happened for forty years. But now, it is essential to move forward and take the next step.

Discussions are going on regarding World cup qualifier that will happen on October 10 against Cambodia. According to sources, inspection visit is expected in Iran. The inspection is meant to check if Iran has shown no operational obstacles to lifting forty years ban.

According to Fifa, the visit will focus on international relations plus all the ticketing issues. Iranian officials are told that women need to enter freely in stadiums hence they can football matches.

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