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Fast and furious spinoff, “Hobs and Shaw” ready for the action

Two big names in cast are enough

Cast of the movie makes it clear what is in the movie. Actors are the main ingredient of any big movie and this movie has them right. Trailers of movies are out and it going to be in cinemas in August. It was supposed to come out in July but was delayed without any major reason. The Dwayne Johnson also known as The Rock and Jayson Statham are leading the cast of the movie. Alongside with Roman regens a famous WWE star.

For thrill seeker these names are enough to believe that movie is going to be a hit. But the tag of fast and furious in start of the movie name increases the heartbeat. Because all of pervious fast and furious movies are hit and in last two parts Dwayne and Statham’s chemistry was appreciated by audience. That might be the reason behind this while idea of Hobs and Shaws.

The story line in interesting

Story is very clear from the trailers that a genetically advanced human being is a threat to human race. He is making virus to kill half the population of the earth and the rock and Statham, Hobs and shaw have to come together.

From trailers the villain seems more powerful but they must have found a way to defeat him. That is what keeping the fans up and that is all the curiosity. Actions are thrilling and direction is done by one of the best directors.

The Director of Dead Pool 2

You all have seen the action movie dead pool which was comedy action we can say. It was liked by audience and did very great on box office. One thing is clear from the cast and director that there are no loose ends in these sections. Overall movie is a good package and you shouldn’t miss it. Dead pool director is David Leitch was also behind the john wick series which was a big hit and John wick 3 and 4 are coming as well. So he proved he has a Talent to direct some masterpieces. Actors, director and other cast, everyone in the movie is chosen from best of the best. It’s going to be a crazy movie and you must be eager to watch it first day, first show.

Delaying fast and furious to clear way

Fast and furious has announced two more parts and after that there will be end of that franchise. And Hobs and shaw might be opening of new franchise own it’s on. They delayed fast and furious so that they could put all of their focus in Hobs and Shaw and they did a good job with that. Their hopes are up and after putting so many efforts, we believe it’s going to rock in the box office and break some records of fast and furious.


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