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Exercise Became My Obsession, Says Valerie Stephen

Exercise is a healthy part of life, and health professionals encourage people to make it a part of their lifestyle. However, a lot of exercises can become an addiction and addiction of anything is never suitable for anyone.

Valerie Stephan loves doing exercise and missing it any day is not even on her list. She says that she feels like she is achieving something when she runs.

Valerie started her journey by signing up for a five kilometres run. Afterwards, she started running every day and realized sports was too important for her. Soon exercise became a part of life, and she found it to take control of her life.

Exercise became my obsession, said Valerie Stephan. I realized that it control me rather than me controlling it.

Not only it affected her daily routine but also her personal life and relationship with the family. Gradually, the effects became worse, making exercise an unhealthy part of her life.

She was not able to give time to her family. Every time, she tried to find an escape from home as she was not able to rest. With the growing addiction, her isolation from family and friends grew more.

Valerie told that it destroyed her relationships as people were not able to understand her obsession. They thought she was crazy. She started meeting her friends on conditions that they will play something or swim together.

Resting for her became an impossible thing before she met her target of exercise every day.

According to psychologists, exercise addiction exists. It lies under the category of behaviour addiction, and more than 3% of people are affected by it around the world.

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