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England vs. Pakistan 2019 world cup: ODI Head to Head Match Preview

England started off to the best possible start in this world cup. Their unshakeable efforts to lift this World Cup while on the other side Pakistan faced defeat by the West Indies. England will be hoping now their superior ODI records against Pakistan comes good on Monday Pakistan vs. England match.

England opened with a big bang

England opened with a big bang in this ongoing World Cup 2019. After beating South Africa in the first match by massive 104 runs defeat in their opener match, it’s a big one. Well, we know Pakistan, on another part, were on the receiving end of the defeat when they were sent back for just 105 runs in total. They didn’t perform well as they should have. They didn’t have many scores to defend. What could bowlers have done here when you didn’t have many runs to defend?

Next match isn’t getting any easier for Pakistan

It isn’t getting any easier for Pakistani team as they are gearing up to face the winner of the previous match, England in the second match. Opponent England, that is possibly difficult than the other one, which Pakistan have faced earlier.

And furthermore, England has had the upper hand on Pakistan for many matches of their previous (ODI) history. And when Pakistan can be a completely unpredictable team and the hosts are thinking that they have an edge of good bowler if they could bat well in the upcoming match.

Previous matches and results

Pakistan and England are playing matches from 1974, and they have been good competitors. The matches between these two sides are always worth watching because of their twists and turns. England has good batsman, and that’s what gives them an edge over Pakistan. Pakistani batsmen scramble easily and get out once panicked.

On the other hand, Pakistan has good bowling attack with Wahab Riaz and Muhammad Amir. Here are some statics about previous matches. Total 87 matches were played between England and Pakistan since 1974 and England won 53 out of 87 matches. Pakistan got their hand on 31 matches, and three matches ended without any results. We can’t say who is going to win, but odds are in England’s favor if we see an analyst.

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