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Elm Tree Expected To Comeback Soon In Future

A new report says that the elm tree has the possibility of returning to the British countryside.

Elm trees have been forgotten for so many years. They died almost twenty million years ago during the 1960s and ’70s.

A disease called Dutch elm disease spread during these years leading towards the death of elm trees.

After their death, the trees were forgotten by the majority of the population. Only a few people among all remembered trying to breed these elite elms. These trees provide help to withstand attacks.

There are growing chances to be hopeful for these trees to come back again. Future Trees Trust Charity conducts researches that show good hope for the future.

According to the report author Karen Russell, mature specimens are found that are almost a hundred years old. Along with their identification, a new generation of elm tree seeds is being bred.

The new seeds are with exceptional quality, which helps them to resist Dutch elm disease.

The charity says that if people help them out through funding, it is possible to bring back the elm trees.

Elm trees are full of great qualities and are found all around the globe with more than thirty species. They are much taller and can reach forty meters.

These trees help out other plants as well as animals by providing support. Besides, these trees are beautiful, as well as capturing the attention of many.

All of them were lost because of the disease that spread years ago. The reason behind it is a fungus spread through bark beetle.

When elm tree is suffering from Dutch elm disease, its leaves turn yellow in colour and wilting leaves as well as young small shoots.

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