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Easy Ways To Overcome Stress And Reduce It

Stress may arise when we are not able to cope up with our daily life activities. It may exceed beyond our control, such as work, relationship, and study. When we are stressed, our body activates our “fight or flight response” that leads to the release of certain hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. 

An extreme amount of stress may lead to a decline in mental health as well as physical health. It may lead to anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure, obesity, and cardiovascular illness.

Fortunately, there are specific healthy ways people may use to overcome stress.

Drink a lot of water:

Seems strange? But yes, water is one of the best ways to overcome stress. Studies show that dehydration in our body leads to high levels of cortisol (stress hormone), and so the stress increases. This doesn’t mean that drinking a lot of water will solve your problems causing stress.

It will help your brain to achieve chemical balance so that no more fear comes in your way.


A study of Tara Kraft and Sarah Pressman of the University of Kansas says that smiling helps reducing stress. Regardless of their awareness, smiling participants in their study recovered more quickly from stress as compared to those with neutral expressions.

The reason is that our brains interconnect with our emotions as well as facial expressions.

Meditate to overcome stress:

Meditation provides a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind. During meditation, you exist in your present, eliminating all the factors causing stress which improves your physical and mental health.

It includes tai-chi, yoga, or repeating a calming word or thought to stay away from distracting thoughts. It provides you space and clarity you need to discriminate and overcome stress.

Call a friend:

Talking to someone about how you feel helps to overcome stress. Receiving emotional support from somebody you love enables you to deal with the problems in a better way.

It is not possible to avoid stress, but you can express it, which dramatically reduces your stress levels. But the person you talk to must be trustworthy, not the stressor or else there will be no decrease in the level of your stress.

Write your stress away:

Keep a notebook and write down each of your stress episode, which helps you become more precise about the situation which causes you to be stressed. Let yourself write freely without any interruption and then analyze the whole thing you’ve written.

Rate each of your stress episodes. Gradually it will help you to deal with your stress effectively.


When you exercise, the body releases endorphin and nor-epinephrine, which are the chemicals inside your body that makes you feel good and overcome stress.

Even a little exercise, like 20 minutes of walking has immediate effects that last for several hours. So when you are tensed, go for a walk in the fresh air.

Add up some physical activity into your daily routine, which will induce calm and help you to overcome stress.


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