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Denied Access To A Smartphone Making Young People Upset

Mobile phones have become an essential part of most of the people around the globe. People are so busy in their smartphones that it has now become an addiction.

A study was conducted in King’s College London on this addictive behavior. It says that if people are not provided constant access to smartphones, they panic. It means that not getting access to smartphones can upset people, which is not a good sign.

No time limit is preferred while the usage of smartphones by youngsters. They spend more than half of their time using smartphones.

What do studies say

Different studies by psychiatrists on this issue are already done. They say that it can lead to many serious mental health problems.

According to the research conducted at BMC Psychiatry, more than 42,000 youngsters have mobile addiction. Out of all, 23% of people are those who require constant availability of the smartphone. If not available, they may get anxious or upset.

Such behavior leading towards addiction can be harmful in many other ways. People may get stressed, depressed, and face issues regarding sleep and performance.

In students, it might lead to affecting their grades and academic performance.

Nicola Kalk from the Institute of Psychiatry says that smartphones are essential and need to stay. However, the problematic usage of them is not right. It must be taken into consideration.

She also added that it needs to be clear whether it is the smartphone people are addicted to or the applications in it.

People need to be more aware of the use of smartphones — especially its usage among kids and youngsters. Parents should have a check on how much time their children are spending on smartphones.

It can have serious mental health effects and destroy everyday functioning. Hence, further investigation is required, says Samantha Sohn, the co-author at the Institute of Psychiatry.

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