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Cyclone Kills Two as BD, India Evacuates Two Million

On Saturday, cyclone Bulbul hit India and southern Bangladesh leaving two dead.

The authorities in the countries ordered more than two million people to get out of the path of the storm.

Dhaka’s meteorological department said that the cyclone with winds of up to 120 kilometers per hour weakened and started crossing India’s West Bengal.

The department said that it was likely to move in a north-easterly direction and then weaken gradually.

It might complete crossing West Bengal-Khulna coast by midnight tonight.

The government ordered to shut down the airports and ports. And the reports of the deaths came before the full force of cyclone had hit.

The authorities told that one person was killed by an uprooted tree in Kolkata and another by a wall that collapsed under the force of the winds in Odisha state.

More than 60,000 people moved away from the coast on the Indian side of the border.

Bangladesh disaster management secretary, Shah Kamal, said that the authorities have evacuated 2.028 million people. And they moved them to more than 5,500 cyclone shelters.

He told that there were no reports of casualties. Further, he also rejected reports in local media that dozens of local fishermen were missing on the southern coast.

The government sent Bangladeshi troops to some villages. Moreover, about 55000 volunteers went door-to-door and making loudspeaker announcements in the streets to get people to move away from the danger zone.

Most of the villages in the region were below sea level which makes them more vulnerable.

In addition, the Bangladeshi Meteorological Department said that it had predicted a storm surge of up to two meters along the coast.

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