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Cricket world cup 2019: Players that can turn the team’s fate

World cup 2019 is here; just a few days to go and teams are practicing and playing warm-up matches. After a complete review of past matches and tournament played recently, we have made a list of players that can destroy their rival’s fate. They can turn the match’s future in no time that is why we call them dangerously in form players.

Jasprit Bumrah (India)

25 years old Bumrah was plucked from IPL six years ago when John Wright, previous Indian couch saw him in T20 tournament. Bumrah’s accuracy and pace caught the eye. Among the greatest challenges the opponent team against India in upcoming world cup, bumrah is a threat. A fast bowler whose has homespun action and Yorkers with laser-preciseness will put batsman in danger. He continuously changes his line and length pace to fool the batsman.  Playing against India will not be easy this time with such talented bowler.

Jos Buttler (England)

His strike rate is 119.57 which are ahead of any of English batsman. His average run rate is more than 40 per innings. He has struck 117 six’s in 108 innings. Well, these figures give us a complete idea of what he can do to the opponent team. He is not only a good hitter but also a good batsman in the sense of taking risks. He plays wisely and where he needs to make those big risks and where to stop. He is not like other hitters who try to hit 6 on every ball and gets out after hitting 2 sixes. A good batsman judges the situation and then reacts after calculation. He has that ability in him.

Kagiso Rabada (South Africa)

A bowler who has a bowling arm which turns over like super V8 engine and his follow-through is as dramatic like Jed Mercurio’s finale. Rabada left the IPL because of back strain. But now he is, and it will be an excellent platform to showcase his abilities again. Ever since he had that spell against Bangladesh, he is in the news. He had 6 wickets by giving only 16 runs and also a hat-trick. That puts him as a dangerous blower who can destroy the opposing team’s batting line up. So organizations need to be prepared about his aggressive Yorkers in world cup 2019.

David Warner (Australia)

Thirty-two years old Australian batsman who has played cricket most of his life and had success after success. He became the most popular man in Australia. But from some time he has been facing criticism by many fans but he always keeps quiet. He answers the hatred with his bat in the field. This tournament is going to be a big platform with all eyes on him, to prove everyone wrong again. He is in form, and he can bat well we all know that. These are four players that need to be feared in this world cup 2019 while playing against them.

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