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China Keen to Invest in Halal Meat Industry

O Sunday, the ministry of states and frontier regions welcomed a Chinese delegation.

The leader of the delegation, Zhu Maa expressed interest in investing in the halal meat industry in Pakistan during his meeting with Pakistan’s state minister.

Furthermore, he showed his willingness to export meat to China and Middle East countries.

According to the statement released by the ministry, the delegation from Sichuan province has also a number of Muslims.

Mr. Zhu Maa vowed to showcase Pakistani products and halal foods in the Chinese market.

He added that China has good equipment and services. He also said that it was a need to project opportunities for investment in Pakistan for Chinese people.

Pakistan’s state minister, Mr. Afridi said that the government had launched a reforms process in Pakistan so it could be open for foreign investors.

Meanwhile, investments on some other fronts were also tabled in the meeting including religious tourism and oil and gas production.

Mr. Afridi said that Kohat was an oil and gas producing district. He added that the government of Pakistan had introduced a one-window service for foreign investors.

Further, he added that World Bank had declared Pakistan top country In Asia in ease of doing business policy.

In the meantime, he assured the delegation that the Pakistani government would take care of every single penny they would invest in Pakistan.



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