Catriona Gray Of the Philippines Won the Crown of Miss Universe 2019

The 67th Miss Universe held in Bangkok on 16, December 2018. There were so many beautiful ladies to be a part of this competition. The competition was live on FOX News.

Catriona Gray one of those Contesters and she crowned the Miss Universe award of 2019 in Bangkok. 24-years old Gray wore Beautifully designed, RED Dress. She said the reason for wearing Red Dress was one of My Mum dreams that I won this award in a red dress when I was just 13-years old. She and her mother both were crying when Host announces the winner of 2019’s Miss Universe Title.

Gray left behind Tamaryn Green of South Africa and Sthefany Gutierrez of Venezuela in the final round of this competition.

In this Miss Universe Pageant result announcer was Gray’s Countrymen and he just jumped out wildly when he saw his country girl won this competition and he declares the result with the voice of Joy and happiness.

President of Philippine Rodrigo Duterte come so quick to congratulate the Catriona Gray on winning the Award of Miss Universe. He said, Miss Gray really made the entire Philippine very proud and decorate the showcase of Filipina because she is the 4th winner of this award from the Philippines. Miss Gray has really genuine qualities of Confidence, Grace, Intelligence and strength in the face to tough and hard challenges in Future.

In this contest, a lot of beauties participated. Miss Spain Angela Ponce was also the part of this contest. I am not interested in winning this contest but feels proud to be a part of this contest, she said. The United States Miss Sarah Rose mock some contesters like Vietnam and Cambodia over their English language skills. But in the end, she apologized for her misbehavior.

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