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Canadian Hockey Pundit Fired over Remarks on Immigrants

On Monday, a legendary ice Hockey commentator was fired from a longtime broadcasting gig. He faced this action over his on-air remarks about new immigrants for not wearing poppies to honor fallen soldiers and veterans.

Don Cherry made the divisive remarks during a break in a National Hockey League game on Saturday.

Sports-net president said that sports bring people together. It unites, not divides.

Historically speaking, Cherry’s comments about fighting in hockey, women journalists in the dressing room and French-Canadians have frequently landed him in trouble.

But the 85-year-old hockey commentator’s recent tirade sparked a big backlash from the public, politicians and the National Hockey League.

In his comments, he singled out those he believed to be immigrants in Toronto for not supporting the veterans on Remembrance Day.

Meanwhile, defense minister Harjit Sajjan took to twitter to highlight the examples of immigrants who fought for Canada.

Further, he said that the Canadian proud military history showed that diversity was their strength.

On the other hand, Sports-net and Cherry’s co-star apologized for his remarks, calling them hurtful and prejudiced.

The National Hockey League called them offensive.

But Cherry himself refused to step back his comments saying that he knew what he said and he really meant that.

However, the poppy is a symbol that stems from the opening line of the Canadian officer’s war poem.

Cherry said during live broadcast addressing the immigrants that they love Canada’s way of life, they love its milk and honey. Therefore he asserted that at least they could pay a couple of bucks for poppy or something like that.

He said for the veterans that they paid for their way of life that they enjoy in Canada.

He added that those guys paid the biggest price.

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