Beyonce and Jay Z are a self-made Billion Dollar Couple

Also, it is a year for the married couple, which is combined net worth and now totals an estimated $1.4 billion. Jay-Z is a steadily growing portfolio in businesses that include liquor, art, real estate, and stakes. In the meantime, the companies where the stakes are like Uber is the first hip-hop artist to become a billionaire.

In the meantime, Beyoncé is fortune increasing to an estimated $400 million from $355 million last year. He also thanks to continuing touring and an album release. On Forbes 2019, their album ranks No. 51 and list of most successful self-made women of America.

The Combined Net Worth of Beyonce and Jay Z

The combined net worth of Beyonce and Jay Z is $1.4 billion that makes the music moguls. In the meantime, they are one of the most ten successful husband and wife couples in the country and the most recognizable. Also, unlike many other teams that founded businesses together, and they both struck it rich with complementary during separate businesses. Well, a wealth of Beyonce comes from earnings from touring, music sales, and merchandise.

On the other hand, Beyonce is amassed most of his wealth from his ownership of Armand de Brignac champagne, investments. Also, the cognac partnership of Beyonce is with Bacardi, his music career, and among other sources. Both Beyoncé and Jay-Z have most stakes in music streaming service Tidal.

Furthermore, the other entrepreneurial husband and wife couples might not be such as famous, while their businesses are good known. In the meantime, in 1981, Do Won and Jin Sook Chang come from South Korea in search of well opportunities. In 2016, Do Won told Forbes said: “At the time of people of South Korea are not living as well.” Also, he works three jobs, such as a dishwasher, gas station attendant, and office cleaner. But she works in a hair salon. In the meantime, they save up and open a clothing store in 1984. So, today, they are co-owned and run Forever 21 as a clothing empire with over 815 markets and $4 billion in sales. They combined their net worth is $3 billion.

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