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Barcelona VS Real. Madrid, Without Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo

In the great El Clasico, First match between Barca and Madrid it was a pretty tough situation and low crowded match. Because fans were waiting for Messi and Ronaldo from both sides. Barcelona beat Madrid with 5-1 scores.

This time Luis Suarez comes to do his job for Barca side and make hat-trick in this match. It’s not even a close match Barca performed great and show its peak of the performance.

From Barcelona, Lionel Messi Was injured due to arm fracture and he was absent. You can also see that Ronaldo was also not playing for Madrid.

Phillipe Coutinho scored the first goal in 11 minutes for Barca. He gives Barca strength to move forward without any pressure. After that Luis Suarez awarded the penalty to score a goal against Real. He made it more difficult for them to get back in the game again.

But Real Madrid takes charge and played such an awesome game after their two scores. Marcelo scored a goal and make it 2-1. But that was so close las Blanco would get.

There was again Suarez again who scored the third goal in 75 minutes for Barca with his fine header and make it more tough for Madrid to win.

Suarez wasn’t done yet, after the birth of his son in recent days and supporting them wear a t-shirt of his three kids photos. Suarez scored his third and Barca’s 4th goal after Roberto stoles the ball from Ramos and passed it to Suarez. He lifted the ball over goal keeper’s head beautifully and score reached to 4-1 as the time comes closer to finish the game. It makes Madrid more disappointing to win this game. Arturo Vidal add one more score for Barca in final minute and make it 5-1.

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