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Baby Abandoned In Turin, Italy Because Of A Rare Condition

A baby named Giovannio has been abandoned in Italy because of its rare condition. The baby was born at a hospital in Turin, Italy. It has a rare condition that requires to keep the baby away from sunlight.

The rare condition is known as Harlequin Ichthyosis. It is a genetic condition that results in causing thick as well as dry skin. Four-month-old baby in Italy is suffering from the same disease.

The hospital is taking care of the baby from the day it was born. Now it is reported that the hospital may have to discharge the baby after a few weeks.

Parents of the baby are no more in contact with the hospital. They even did not return to take the baby, Giovannio, from the hospital.

One of the nurses at the hospital spoke about the issue of the baby and his family. She said that she is not aware of the reason. But she thinks that the child has been abandoned.

The hospital is expecting that the baby will soon have a room of its own.

Moreover, the hospital and local authorities are trying to track down the parents of the baby. Apart from that, they are also trying to find out a temporary home for the child. But the nurse says that the baby needs a home where it can receive exceptional care.

Right now, the baby is living in a neonatal intensive care unit at the hospital where it was born.

People are calling the hospital after the story spread wide about the baby to adopt him. Few of them sent letters and good wishes for the child as well.

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