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Babri Masjid Dispute: Indian Government Rules in Favor of Hindus

On Saturday, Indian Supreme Court ordered allotment of alternative land to Muslims for setting up a mosque. The decision was in the favor of Hindus..

A five-judge bench pronounced its unanimous judgment that it reserved last month.

The ruling is on the decades-old Ayodha case involving the 1992 demolition of Babri Masjid.

The court ruled that the Muslims should not be deprived of a structure and that they will get an alternative site for Masjid.

Furthermore, the ruling said that the Indian government will formulate a scheme in three months to set up a board of trustees for the construction of the temple at a disputed structure.

Details of the verdict

While reading out the judgment, chief justice Ranjan Gogoi, said that the court should preserve the balance.

The court said that the evidence in records showed that the Hindus were in possession of the outer court of the disputed territory.

It added that there was evidence that the Hindus worshiped Ram and Sita before the British came to India.

The Indian Supreme Court said that the arguments were made on the Archaeology report and the Archaeological Survey of India’s credentials were beyond doubts.

Therefore, the court could not neglect the findings of the survey.

The verdict stated that the historical accounts indicate the belief of Hindus that Ayodha was the birthplace of Lord Ram.

Hence, the Indian Supreme Court dismissed the plea of Shia board on a claim to the Babri Masjid.

According to the court, it was completely established that Muslims offered prayers inside and Hindus offered prayers in the outer courtyard.

Ahead of the verdict, many political leaders including Narendra Modi and Hindu and Muslim organizations made appeals for peace.

Delhi police said that it will initiate strict legal actions against mischief-monger. It added that the activities on social media and web sites will be under observation.

Earlier, the authorities banned the assembly of more than four people at one place in and around Ayodha.

Moreover, the Uttar Pradesh government has ordered all the schools and colleges to remain close until Monday.

The demolition of the mosque in 1992 ignited massive Hindu-Muslim violence that left around 2000 people dead.

The hard-liner Hindus associate the place to their god Ram which they revere as his birthplace.

After the demolition, Hindus and Muslims took the issue to the lower court. The court in 2010 ordered to divide it into three parts: two for Hindus and one for Muslims.

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