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Avengers: Endgame not far from breaking world record of Avatar

Avatar by James Cameron is worlds most watched movie with highest box office earning. It had this record for a long time, but this might be a time when it breaks. Avenger’s end game might be a record breaker movie of marvel. It is still running in cinemas in different countries and earning a load of money.

The figure for the record is decreasing day by day. Some days ago, the figure was $110 million, but now it has fallen to $99million. And it is still going, as many reviewers are currently discussing with how much it would beat avatar. Avengers have built a base from so many years and who is not going to watch its last part.

Broke the record of Titanic, story highlights

Titanic of James Cameron that earned a lot on box office and still remembered as best thriller movie. Avengers end game broke its record, and James Cameron congratulated marvel for its a success. The movie has many significant characters like iron man, captain America, guardian of galaxy stars and many big movies like ant man are connected into one.

The story and plan were fantastic. In the previous part of the Avengers, Thanos killed half of the population of the universe. He had a dream to bring balance to the universe, and he thought overpopulation is going to the destroy universe. Thanos makes big sacrifices to make sure his plan works, even kills his daughter to get stone.

He finally gets all the infinity stones that he needed to wipe out half of the universe’s population. He kills as he dreamed of killing. Avengers try to stop him, but it didn’t work. Many Avengers died too. In the end game, they try to find Thanos, but he destroys stone before avengers get him.

They kill Thanos and couldn’t do anything. Then ant man came up with a plan of time travel. No one believes him first, but then Tony gets it done. They go back in time, and Thanos came back looking for the stone. But in the end, iron man trickly gets stones and kills Thanos and his army and dies.

Earned well in India but not in China

The Avengers: Endgame earned about 400 crores India. Which made this movie biggest movie of this years, Also the biggest movie of Hollywood ever in India. The interest in Hollywood movies is increasing in India, and that is clear from this movie. This movie had an answer from the previous film, marvel build an audience for this movie in the previous movie.

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