Attack on Titan chapter 118 release dates and much more

A Japanese series attack on titan was started in 2010, and only 3 volumes were published in the whole year. And same in 2011 but as its popularity grew they started to increase the production. Attack on Titan chapter 17 gave Goosebumps and was exciting to the expectations that it had many twists and thrill turns in it. This article has some spoilers for you collected from the internet and many other things about the attack on titan 118 chapter.

Fight between even and reindeer

In the previous release of chapter 117, the main thing was the fight between Eren and retirees. The fans of the attack on titan basically want the fight more over anything.

They like the action and stunts over everything. Heroic dialogues and mainstream fighting is only attraction keeping attack on titan for going on for so long. 9 years passed since the first release of the attack on titan. And its fans have only grown since the first release.

The aspect of a human turning into titans

It was a major turn, when humans started turning into titans was the best part of the attack on titan. It put up so many thrills in the series. The serious characters of the series with high tone voices and titans, everything perfectly blends in well. The action stunts that we have liked so much are the main reasons for likeness. There is always something new in the Titans series.

In the last chapter, we have seen Eren fight very furiously and knocked down big three titans at once. Eren was dominating player of this fight. And at that moment when Marley was pressing them, Zeke made a heroic appearance out of nowhere and rescued Eren quickly.  The real plan of these two brothers is still a big mystery. But here we will be able to unlock this mystery in the upcoming 118th chapter. Fans are really curious about what happened to Zeke while Path’s experience.


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