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At U.N Climate Summit, Few Commitments and U.S Silence

Large number of the world leaders gathered at UN climate summit on Monday. UN called the summit to ponder over the burning international issue of climate change. The participants made promises to wean the global economy from fossil fuels to avoid the worst effects of global warming.

There were some concrete measures by the end of the day. 65 countries had announced efforts to achieve net zero emission by 2050. Likewise, dozens of businesses said they would aim to abide by Paris trade agreements.

The summit comes at a time when the latest science shows that the world is getting hot at a very rapid pace. The recent intense hurricanes, longer droughts and heat have broken all the records of past adventures.

The advocates and diplomats who have been following climate talks said they were disappointed by the non serious attitudes of the participants. Following is given the account of participation of the members.



United States:

The United States did not request a speaking slot at the summit. President Donald Trump, unexpectedly dropped into the General Assembly hall with vice president Mike Pence. The United Nations’ special envoy for climate welcomed him.

He also taunted him by saying that the discussion there would be useful for US when it formulated its climate policy. And he said it by directly addressing  the president Trump. Hence, laughter and applause followed the statement.

There appeared a contrast between the efforts of US at present and the efforts made few years back.  A few years ago, US was pushing other countries to take climate change seriously. But now it intends to withdraw from the 2015 Paris climate accord.

Moreover Trump administration also rolled back from the environmental regulations. The regulations that were meant to curb the greenhouse gas emission from automobiles, coal plants and oil and gas wells.


As for China, it did not signaled its readiness to issue targets to transition away from fossil fuels. The special assistant of president Xi Jinping  noted that this country was keeping the promises it made in 2015 Paris agreement. He said that China will faithfully fulfill its obligations.

China’s cold attitude reflects its reluctance to take stronger climate actions in the absence of similar moves from richer countries. The recent trade face-off between China and US is also the reason behind its reluctance.

International organizations:

The international organizations also did not seemed warm enough at the summit. European Union also did not reflected its intentions in cutting a reasonable amount of emission. United Nations was nowhere on the track to meet its obligations towards Paris accord.


President of France had also message for US. He said he did not want new trade negotiations with the countries who were running counter to the Paris agreement.

This statement could further escalate the tensions between US and European Union for free trade agreement. Those negotiations are already complicated by the deep differences over agricultural policy.


Prime minister of India Narendra Modi said that country would increase its share of renewable energy by 2022. He did not made any promise to reduce its dependence on coal.


Russia also announced that it would ratify the 2015 Paris Agreement. It did not expressed its intentions to cut emissions.

Most of the major economies fell short of the expectations at the summit on the issue.


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