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Arianna Grande Postponed her two upcoming shows due to Tomato Allergy

This sounds a little awkward to her fans that she just postponed her shows because of some tomato allergy, but this is serious what a singer can do if her throat burns like hell. Well, the singer needs her mouth to sing and if it has an allergy, then how can she perform. She posted about it on her tweeter, and many magazine and big analysts replied to her tweet to put her at ease.

Her throat feels like eating cactus

She posted on her tweeter about her feelings of illness as “There is NOTHING UNFAIR MORE THAN AN ITALIAN WOMAN HAVING AN ALLERGY TO THE TOMATOES IN HER MID TWENTIES.” well she is clearly not happy about it. As she posted it all with capital letters, that means she is feeling aggressive about it. For the fans who were waiting for Arianna to perform must have to wait a little longer and pray for her recovery. They might be disappointed about the show, but what she can do, it is what it is.

About her sarcastic statement of adding Italian woman in her tweet means that it’s not fair. Italians use more tomatoes in the sausage then Americans, and they are very fond of it. That is why she said it is unfair well according to this information; to some extent, it is unfair.

Study of American medical association

According to her tweet, she needed some answers about this unfair decease. Well, the study of American medical associations journal gives her the answer she needed. They say that average, 10 percent of the population has food allergies, and 27 percent of them do not have it in childhood. It grows with age, and you know in your adulthood.

Well, she has her answers now that it is not related to her being Italian, any adult can have such decease. She does not need to worry but needs rest. Canceling her concerts was a good decision for her personal life. Her shows were on 28th and 29th May, and they are postponed to 24th and 25th November.

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