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Apple’s 2019 app design awards with big rewards just released

Apple has become one of the biggest and mighty companies in the world and leading the technology industry into a new Era. Always developing and creating something new and classy. The company is earning billions every year because it has fans of its products. They don’t care what is inside. They need an apple logo on the back; because they trust Apple so much. They think that Apple increases its class and enhance their personality. Apple recently announced the winners if 2019 apps contest and what they would be taking home was also exceptional.

Awards plus rewards of worth thousands of Dollars

Apple in their conference last afternoon announced the winner apps of the apple. Apps who had used the apple’s technology and featured to its fullest. People think that most downloaded apps are the ones who won. But trust me there are apps in the winning list that just released a month before. The criteria for winning the Apple award was to make an innovative app, uses all features of new Apple smartphones. The app must visual design, technology, and innovation.

Winners are not just taking awards; they are getting much more. Winning App Company will take home many things. They are getting an envious Apple prize pack. That has the latest 512GB iPhone 10S, latest Air Pods, the latest 512GB 12.9 inches iPod Pro. They also get Latest Apple Pencil 2, a most recent 64GB Apple TV 4K, a latest Apple Watch of Series 4. Further, they get top of the line latest MacBook Pro. They also get a fully loaded latest iMac Pro. The apps will get featured in the Apple App Store. This will give them more exposure, and more people will download it.

Here are the winners of the award and prize.

Ordia: a single finger action game that anyone will play with a leap breaking into an uncertain and strange world.

Apple, in explanation, said that this game provides the balance between satisfaction and difficulty. It also includes access ability to the color blind people. This app took two years to build, and only one month ago it was released. Apple never misses a real tech usage.

Asphalt 9: an old game developer in the industry making its mark in racing car games. Asphalt 8 was a big hit and after that asphalt 9 with splendid graphics took it to another level.

New maps and new cars like BMW, Porsche, Lamborghini and Mercedes, and other big branded cars. This game is under popularity since its release.

The gardens between a single player game with puzzles. The games let you stop time that keeps you away from rushing thing. The game-play mechanics are what apple liked the most and put it in the winner’s list.

Most of the winner apps were games, and some of them were about editors and other useful tools. Apple chose the winners wisely and gave them an award and encouraged them to build more games and app like this one to get awards in the future.

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