The biggest tech company Apple sued for selling iTunes Customers’ listening data

An Apple customer from Rohde Island and Michigan sued apple in the court for unlawfully disclosing their buying information. Privacy was one of the bestselling edge apples had. Moreover, Apple always said what in your iPhone will stay on your iPhone. No one can crack open an iPhone that’s why a lot of people buy it. But now this Act of revealing the information of the listeners of the iTunes might change things for apple.  We knew about advertising and production industries get data from Google and various other organizations to improvise products. But this was not expected from Apple.

This information is available at a very cheap cost

The accuser says that Apple is selling information and it is available in categories. Like the list of people who are educated and buy from Apple iTunes. And furthermore, about this privacy concern, he said

“For example, any person could rent a list of the names and addresses of all married, unmarried, college-educated women over 70 with household incomes over $80,000 who purchase music from iTunes Store mobile application,” the customers said. “Such a list is available for sale for approximately $136 per thousand customers listed.”

The list could get in the hands of criminals, and they could rob such houses because there is complete address. Well, that’s a big concern for every iTunes user. If this is true, then people are going to ban iTunes, and Apple is going to suffer a big loss.

Apple didn’t respond yet

Apple has not responded to any of these accusations and sues. Well, what is there to say if it is all true? Their quietness speaks a lot for its customers. If they weren’t doing such things, they should have come out in response to these fake allegations. However, we are waiting for them to answer about such deeds. They always make perception for their customers that they are the savior of privacy. And if they are involved in such deed, then this is going to cost them a lot.

This information war is on the move we already know that pharmaceutical and advertising companies purchase such information. They find it useful to make products of their likeness. But seeling of such information from such a reputed organization is a bad sign if such a successful company with billions of turnover every year can do such thing then who would not.

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