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These are easy and natural tips will certify your happy summer:

This year has been mainly a sizzling surprise with the assault of the sun.While approaching on full swipe in spring contrary to summer, and the temperatures rising to 48 degrees. Whenever we were going to enjoy the whole season.


If the bombardment with queries of sunburn, open pores, burning of the hands and feet, burning eyes, and above all, how to stay calm. This article contains a few beauty guidelines for lassies that can come convenient in fighting against the seasonal heatwave.

Initially, let’s work on the food and ignore the evils – rich gravies, fried snacks, starchy food, alcohol, and bubbling drinks. What you certainly require to contain in your summer bar is buttermilk, water, lime, light jams of Beal and Rhododendron, which help calm the body.

Furthermore, take in lots of natural fruits in your diet like watermelon, musk melons, cucumber, raita, and bottle gourd. Increase fresh mint plants into food, salads, and drinks to help you retain cold.


In addition to keeping a light régime, here are some natural beauty tips for teenagers that can help you cure your summer season. For example for individuals who encounter dangerous burning on the feet and hand.


I would recommend that you polish bitter gourd slices on the soles of your feet and the palms of your hand and observe how your skin feels.


Moreover, for scorching eyes, keep used tea bags in the freezer and keep on your eyes for a few minutes and relax. Rosewater pads and cucumber slices are also very extremely useful.


I want to recommend that you stock fresh rosewater in the fridge at all times and spritz your face and neck with this several times a day. If you are doing work, you can have a bottle in your office. For those who have the children, make this a daily routine when they come back from school or college. You will feel an immediate consequence.


Never waste watermelon peels, but you need to save them in your freezer and scrub them whenever you come back from outside. It will not only help in cooling the skin but also it will deliver natural AHA’s and make the skin soft and well hydrated.

Moreover open holes become a significant subject throughout the summer, and to stop this. Incredibly keep a couple of slices of raw tomatoes in the freezer and then keep them on your skin for it to absorb the juice. Rub moderately into the skin and feel the tension of the skin. If you notice the open pores shrink soon.



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