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A Few Proven Ways To Improve Memory

You need to remember the person you were going to call, but now you’ve forgotten his name. Isn’t it frustrating? All of us have such moments in our life when we forget the most essential things that irritate us. But our brain can keep a lot of things in our long-term memory. It can happen by applying different strategies that improve your memory. Some of them are listed below.

Drink coffee

Caffeine improves memory as well as alertness. It helps older adults to counteract the natural declines in mind that are associated with age. Drinking coffee or taking a caffeine pill improves your memory and recall.

But according to some studies, it is helpful only if you drink it at specific times like just after learning a task or attending a session.

Exercise your brain

An improved and robust memory depends upon the health of your brain. Just like a healthy body requires exercise, a healthy mind requires it too. You can go for learning any musical instrument, doing math in your head, or trying to figure out any problem without the help of a pencil.

You may also try learning a foreign language and creating word pictures, and so on.


Meditation has got so many qualities that are proved and true. It is the best way to improve memory. Devote some time of your day meditating, and you will observe a change in yourself.

Research by the University of California studied that the students who were used to meditate improved their scores on memory tests.

Sleep well

If you don’t get enough sleep, it is going to affect your memory. Sleeping after learning something helps in retaining that specific task. It is because during sleep, some of your brain parts like the hippo-campus, amygdala, neo-cortex, which are essential in memory, are active.

Make sure you stick to a sleeping schedule and don’t take sleep as a less important part of life.

Chew a gum

It’s been a myth that chewing gum while learning something affects memory. But studies show that chewing gum while learning improves your memory. It is because chewing gum increases the blood flow in the cerebral area up to 3BPM, which increases brain activity, ultimately improving memory.

Another study shows that chewing gum increases oxygen. It will help to increase the attention that will lead you to focus more and hence improve your memory.

Avoid cramming

Cramming is one of the least effective ways to learn something. To learn something, read it certain times and try to understand it. When you go for cramming something, it doesn’t stay in your mind for a long time.

So instead of cramming, try to understand it. Visualize the facts in your mind. Try relating new information with things you already know. It will help to improve your memory.


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