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A Black Woman Shot Dead By Police Officer Through House Window

A black woman was killed by a white police officer, according to police, in her Fort Worth, Texas home. A neighbor called the dispatchers to inform that the front door of the woman’s house was open.

While searching the perimeter of her home, the officers saw a man standing near a window inside. One of the officers opened fire and killed the woman, said Fort Worth police.

The Tarrant County medical examiner identified the dead woman as 28-years old. Her name was Atatiana Koquice Jefferson. Moreover, the time and place of her death were written on Saturday in her bedroom by the medical examiner.

The cause plus the manner of her death are not listed by now.

The police department released bodycam footage of the happening showing confrontation lasting only for a few seconds. In addition, a clip was released that showed police officers circulating the perimeter of residential property. They spotted a person at the window.

The person was asked to put their hands up and later on shot by an officer through the window’s glass.

The footage released is edited, and no footage is released from inside the property. But an image by police shows a weapon found from the woman’s bedroom, told the officer.

The police department of Fort Worth reported that the officer who shit the woman perceived as if there was some threat. He drew out his weapon and killed the black woman.

The timings were somewhat around 2:30 am on Saturday.

Emergency medical care was provided to the woman at the scene, but she died at her home.

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