4 Syrian Hospitals Bombed, One Culprit: Russia

The New York Times has presented an investigation report regarding the bombing on hospitals in Syria. The report has made shocking revelations about the incident happened in span of 12 hours in Syria.

The report explicitly put the blame on Russia being a culprit. It has also presented the facts and figures related to the incident.

Findings of the report:

Russia has long been accused of bombing hospitals in Syria. A group of physicians for Human Rights documented 583 such attacks since 2011. 266 of them occurred since Russia intervened in 2015.

The purpose of this group is to track the attacks on medical workers in Syria. Hence this group acted as one of the source of the New York Times.

The Times assembled a large body of evidence to analyze the hospital bombings on May 5 and 6.

The social media posts from Syria, interviews with witnesses and the charity organizations who supported the four hospitals provided the time of each strike.

The Times also obtained the logs of flight spotters who warned the civilians about the airstrikes.

It also deciphered the thousands of Russian Air Force radio transmissions. Hence, all of these proved to be the sources of The Times.

According to the report, on May 5 and 6, Russia attacked 4 hospitals. One of them was a surgical hospital serving about 200,000 people.

On average, the hospital performed 500 operations per month and saw 5000 patients a month.

On May 5, the first airstrike occurred at 2:32 pm, the second at 2:38 pm third at 2:40 pm and so on.

Response of International community:

The UN had already initiated the investigation on the issue but could not meet the end results. Since, Russia was a permanent member of UNSC.

Russia and China vetoed the resolution which was presented in Security Council.

The director of group of physicians of Human Rights said that the indiscriminate bombing of civilian facilities was certainly war crime.

Russia did not directly respond to the issue. But the foreign ministry of Russia had said earlier that the air force carried out precision strikes only on accurately researched targets.



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